Ricardo Pinho

Dilettante in Porto, Portugal

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Grew up in Macau as a member of the micro-generation we now know as xennials.

A degree in Filmmaking, and a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Did standup comedy in Hong Kong, with an accent worse than Žižek.

As an idea to get Southern Europe out of the economic crisis, founded the Portuguese startup Ao Dispor, where anyone can hire their neighbours.

Currently pursuing a PhD in studio art, also known as practice as research. In this endeavour I'm writing a science fiction screenplay.

I'm also connecting the Community of Filmmakers and Actors in Porto, hosting meetups and promoting Porto as a city of independent filmmaking.

Newsletters are cool again, so I invite you to subscribe to mine.

Exclusivamente em português, estou a ensaiar um podcast.

To pronounce my last name, make the "nh" a nasal "n". If you speak Spanish, this sounds like Piño. If you know the IPA, it'sˈpiɲu. Yes, Pinho. You're pronouncing it perfectly.

  • Education
    • University of Lisbon
    • University of Porto
    • Escola Superior Artística do Porto